What About Worker’s Compensation Benefits?
Workers Compensation Lawyer If you are injured due to a work-related issue, this means you may receive compensation for your pains. Remember, this only occurs if you are an employee [...]
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Can a DUI Conviction Be Removed from My Permanent Record?
Car Accident Lawyer Being convicted of a DUI can not only be costly, it can have an impact on your life for years to come. This is likely to be [...]
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Is Pain and Suffering Included in a Workers’ Compensation Payout?
Lake Worth Workers Compensation Lawyer Employees who are injured on the job are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Those benefits cover lost wages and medical expenses. What about the other [...]
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Personal Injury Claims and Rental Venues
Personal Injury Lawyer There are many events that require using space at a rental event hall  where the organizers of the event do not have any ownership of the building. [...]
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Getting Back on Your Feet and Staying Afloat after Being Hurt at Work
If you’ve been hurt while you were working, you may be facing substantial bills, the prospect of being out of work for a significant period of time, and serious questions [...]
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Why you should see a lawyer for a warehouse injury
Weston, FL Work Injury Lawyer Over 950,000 Americans work in a warehouse. It is a profession that continues to grow as logistics companies project to hire thousands more every month. [...]
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Why Employees Must Report a Workplace Accident
Palm Beach Gardens Work Injury Lawyer Accidents can happen at anytime in the work environment. There may be something about the job task, hazards, or equipment malfunctions that can cause [...]
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How You Can Get the Most Out Of Your Workers’ Compensation Claim
Workers Compensation Lawyer West Palm Beach Although the process of filing a workers’ compensation claim does not have to be hard, insurance companies and even your employer can make the [...]
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What is a schedule loss of use?
Workers’ Compensation Lawyers In general, a schedule loss of use is an award for the permanent loss of use of an extremity or digit due to a work injury.  The [...]
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Florida Hurt at Work? Injured Workers Now Receive Checks on a Pre-Paid Credit Card
  • By Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt
  • 1335
Effective June 17, 2011, Governor Rick Scott signed into law a bill that authorizes payment of workers' compensation lost wage benefits on a prepaid card under certain circumstances. The bill [...]
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