A settlement means that in exchange for workers’ compensation paying you money, you agree to give up the right to have the workers’ compensation insurance company pay for any medical care or lost wage benefits. Forever.

In Florida, a Judge of Compensation Claims does not have the power (or jurisdiction) to award a lump sum amount of money to an injured worker or tell an injured worker how much their case is worth. A settlement is voluntary and can only be reached by the agreement of both parties. This applies whether you live in Miami, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Melbourne, Orlando, Tampa or Jacksonville.

Some cases settle the day after we are hired. Some cases settle in the weeks or months after we are retained. And some cases can last literally decades before they settle.

The time to settle is really when you, the injured worker, are ready to move on from workers’ compensation. This can be both the best and most difficult decision possible.

In our experience, having a workers’ compensation attorney fighting to maximize your case value will virtually always result in you getting more money in a workers’ compensation settlement.

If you are thinking about settling your Florida workers’ compensation case, or simply wondering when the best time to settle you workers’ compensation case would be, then it is time for you to call one of our experienced and dedicated workers’ compensation attorneys. You could go it alone, but why would you want to?

If you think it may be time to consider a workers’ compensation settlement, call us today.