How May My Worker’s Compensation Award Affect My Child Support Payments?

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How May My Worker’s Compensation Award Affect My Child Support Payments?

If you have received a worker’s compensation award for an injury sustained while at your job, they may affect how your assets are divided and how your contributions to child support are calculated during your divorce proceedings. Workers’ Compensation When an employee suffers an injury while working, they may receive a worker’s compensation award. An […]

Wage Theft

A nine-month investigation by POLITICO found that workers are not protected from wage theft by their employers. Although the government is supposed to enforce minimum-wage violations, six states – including Georgia – have no investigators to handle these violations.  Twenty-six additional states have fewer than 10 investigators. Because of these limited resources, most cases of […]

Mistakes You Can Make That Can Be Used Against You in a Personal Injury Case

Being involved in a car accident can be very distressful, and the victim may not know what to do or say after the tragedy.  You may sustain injuries and are likely to be confused about your situation, but it is important you know how to deal with such circumstances when they arise. Insurance companies have […]

Tips to Consider After a Back Injury

A back injury can result in immense pain, physical limitations and leave you feeling devastated. It can be awfully frustrating when you can no longer do the same activities you had before the back injury happened. Following a physicians recommendations is important to getting you back to the same quality of health prior to your […]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Workers Comp

Carpal tunnel syndrome is one among many repetitive stress injuries and is becoming more and more common among workers who are stationed in one place, like at a computer or work station, all day long. Luckily, there is something called workers compensation that can help with this. Workers compensation is an insurance provided by employers […]

Can Bankruptcy Stop You from Getting a Job?

    Bankruptcy is often viewed as a fresh start and, in many ways, it is. But that doesn’t mean that what happened in the past is completely erased. Luckily, employers are not allowed to discriminate against you because you have filed for bankruptcy. However, depending on the job you apply for, it can certainly […]

Ways that Chiropractic Care Can Help Alleviate Knee Arthritis

Knee Arthritis is one of the top three leading reasons in the United States for adults to seek chiropractic treatment. Not to mention, arthritis can often occur in workplace settings due to repetitive motion. This can lead to workers’ compensation claims, but in addition to financial help, people struggling with knee arthritis want pain relief […]

The Essentials of Legal Fees

Few people want to hire a lawyer.  Legal issues are often complicated and stressful. They’re strange beasts to most people.  To top it off, legal terms and clauses can be confusing to most, leaving people feeling like they have to learn a whole new language. Chief among these confusing terms is the payment arrangement between […]

What Workers Compensation Does NOT Cover

Workers compensation laws can be quite complicated. While most states require workers compensation insurance to be available, it doesn’t cover all damages. So what exactly can’t it cover?   Duties Performed Outside the Scope of Employment   In order to receive workers compensation benefits, you must have been injured in your scope of employment. For […]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from Catering and Filing for Worker’s Compensation

Workers who are employed in a position that involves a lot of repetitive motion in the use of their hands all day–such as catering–commonly develop repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. An event hall Glendale CA trusts can tell you that if those injuries develop in catering employees, you may be able to file […]