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I would recommend the Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt to anyone who was hurt at work and needs a workers' compensation attorney. They are professional and helped explain everything to me.


I would highly recommended Eli Franks if you need a workers' compensation attorney. You get personal service throughout your entire case, not just with a paralegal, but with the attorney themselves. Eli was able to obtain for me an excellent settlement in a short amount of time.


Don’t try fighting by yourself…They helped me a lot and I don’t have the words to thank them.I had been muddling through the Workers Comp game for almost 3 years, after my injury. I honestly just wanted to get my injuries fixed (if possible) & resume my life. The frustration of waiting months upon months for referrals to be processed, tests to be approved & doctors appointments to be made . . . was adding not only stress to my life, but increased the PAIN I was in! I was at my wits end & realized that Workers Comp was disorganized, but the attorney representing me had no clue. I called Judd Koenig 4 days before I was scheduled to have my 3rd surgery. From DAY ONE, this firm kept me in the loop. I received phone calls, emails & letters in the mail throughout the 3 MONTHS it took for them to Get Workers Comp to settle my case. Absolutely AMAZING!! I am still in shock!! I have my life back & can't thank Judd Koenig + his staff enough!! **


I am a retired South Florida law enforcement officer who was critically injured in the line of duty. To this day I am fighting for my life as the result of these injuries. I hired Franks and Koenig in 2011 when my workmen's comp. carrier became unresponsive to me. Andrew Neuwelt was the attorney assigned to my case. I have spent a lifetime working with attorneys but I have never had the kind of experience that I have had with Mr. Neuwelt (Andy). His dedication, commitment, responsiveness, and availability to his clients is second to none. His knowledge and expertise of Workers Compensation law is extremely impressive. In the 4 years that Mr. Neuwelt and Franks, Koenig, & Neuwelt have represented me, I have received every bit of medical care and after care, as well as all devices and appliances I have needed. My confidence in Mr. Neuwelt and his firm is as far as I am concerned without equal. Mr. Neuwelt and his firm have insured that I will continue to receive "EVERY" benefit that I am entitled to for the remainder of my life. He is not only invested in my case, he has become a good friend who is just as invested in me. My personal welfare is very important to him and on a personal level that is greatly appreciated. His representation of me has taken an enormous burden off of my shoulders. I do not want to forget about the staff at Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt. They are professional and courteous but most importantly to me they are friendly and attentive. One last thing, Mr. Neuwelt represents me in Colorado where I now live. My workers comp carrier is in South Florida. That would be a deal breaker for a lot of attorneys but not for Mr. Neuwelt and his firm. It was no obstacle for them at all.

Phillip G.

Andy, On behalf of my mom and our family, I want to thank you for helping mom settle her claim. You have treated her respectfully, answered all of our questions completely, displayed great patience with numerous siblings and have been a pleasure to work with. You won't remember this but we found your firm in the yellow pages - a VERY lucky pick. You came to see mom and meet with us in the hospital the same day we called you and from then on, made yourself readily available to all of us. It's so unusual to find that wonderful combination of service AND experience. I doubt I'll be a referral source but I'd recommend you to anyone who asked! I wish you practiced family law. With best regards, sincere thanks and wishes for your good health.


I highly recommend Franks and Koenig for their exceptional expertise and professionalism. I am very impressed with his explanation of the law and his advice on how to handle my situation. I've really enjoyed working with Judd and his staff, they are easy to get a hold of and easy to talk too. They work quickly, efficiently and courteously. I will definitely recommend his firm to anyone looking for a good lawyer.

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