Delray Beach Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Delray Beach Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Delray Beach Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Workers’ compensation is a system designed to benefit both employers and workers alike. Work accidents are inevitable. While many, many accident types are preventable (and should be prevented, whenever possible), others aren’t. Human error, sudden changes in weather, and other forces ensure that even the safest jobsites will suffer accidents now and again. When jobsite accidents do occur, the workers’ compensation system helps to ensure two things:

  1. That injured workers will receive compensation to cover their medical costs, lost wages, and any necessary vocational retraining without fear of retaliation, AND
  2. Employers will avoid being sued by injured workers.

That isn’t to say that employers always escape direct liability for work-related accidents. However, in most cases, given that workers’ compensation is a no-fault system, workers seek compensation directly by filing claims with their workers’ compensation insurer instead of suing their employers. With that said, there are exceptions to this general rule, which is one reason why it’s important to speak with a Delray Beach workers’ compensation lawyer before you make any assumptions about your legal situation.

What Injured Workers Should Know About Workers’ Compensation

Most American workers are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if they get injured. They can work with a Delray Beach workers’ compensation lawyer to submit a timely claim. But not every worker is entitled to this kind of compensation. For example, independent contractors can’t claim these benefits unless they’ve been misclassified by their employers. Workers of very small operations and other exempt enterprises also may not be entitled to these benefits. In such cases, our Delray Beach workers’ compensation lawyer team can help injured workers pursue other routes to receiving the compensation they’re entitled to.

Additionally, there are some accidents that don’t meet eligibility requirements for workers’ compensation benefits. For example, if you’re driving to work during a normal commute (and you’re not running a business-related errand), you’ll likely need to pursue a personal injury claim as opposed to filing a workers’ compensation claim. Every case is different, but our team is always available to answer questions.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you have questions about workers’ compensation generally or you’ve been injured in a work-related accident and you need to file a claim, please consider scheduling a consultation with a Delray Beach workers’ compensation lawyer at Franks, Koenig, & Neuwelt today. Our team will be happy to assist you with your needs. Even if it turns out that you’re ultimately ineligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits, we can help you explore alternative legal options designed to better ensure that, as an injured worker, you’re not saddled with the responsibility of paying for your work-related injury costs out of pocket. Our Delray Beach workers’ compensation lawyer team looks forward to hearing your story and providing you with guidance and support. Please call today. 


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