For The Injured Palm Beach Gardens

For The Injured Palm Beach Gardens For the Injured Palm Beach Gardens

After a serious injury, you may wonder if you should file a Florida personal injury suit. Even when you decide it’s the best course of action, you may not think that you need a lawyer for the injured in Palm Beach Gardens. The truth is that when you file a suit, it’s always more helpful to have a lawyer. Here are the major signs that you need to call a Palm Beach Gardens personal injury lawyer.

Your Injuries Are Severe

Severe injuries can put the rest of your life on hold. If your medical bills are out of control, if you are out of work due to your injury, and if you feel like it’s completely interfering with your life, then you need a Palm Beach Gardens lawyer for the injured. In these cases, you should file a claim, especially if your injury was someone else’s fault. When someone acts intentionally or negligently and you harmed because of it, you deserve compensation.

Your Injury Is Someone Else’s Fault

You may have no question about who is at fault when it comes to your injury. While liability might not be something that you question, the defendant is going to fight it. They may say that they are not at fault or claim that you are also partially at fault. A lawyer for the injured in Palms Beach Gardens can help you prove fault. This is one of the most difficult components of a personal injury case. It helps to have an advocate in your corner that can fight for you.

Your Settlement Offer Is Low

Often, a personal injury suit will end before it reaches trial. The first offer of a settlement is usually low. Keep in mind that if insurance companies are involved, they will want to pay as little as possible. Victims should never accept the first offer or accept just any offer. It’s crucial to make an informed decision. This might be difficult if you don’t understand what you are entitled to.

A Palm Beach Gardens attorney for the injured can guide you through the process and provide you with a settlement calculation. This does not mean that you will reach an agreement on the amount, but it does give you a foundation to work with. Your lawyer can provide you with the necessary information and educate you on when to accept a settlement and when to fight for more.

Personal injury law can be complicated. If you were recently harmed due to someone else’s actions or negligence, then it might be time to talk to a lawyer for the injured Palm Beach Gardens clients recommend from the Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt

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