For The Injured Palm Beach

For The Injured Palm Beach For The Injured Palm Beach

After being severely injured in an accident that was not your fault, the next steps you take in filing a personal injury claim will determine whether you obtain fair coverage to cover your losses and medical bills, or if you will end up in financial ruin while you recover. Insurance companies are out to make a profit, so the goal of their adjusters is to minimize your injuries and reduce your claim as much as possible. Working with a lawyer for the injured in Palm Beach, Florida can make all the difference in how successful your claim is. 

Being Offered a Settlement

After starting your claim, you will often get a call from the insurance company adjuster so they can record a statement about the accident, including details of damages and injuries. The more complex the accident was, the more likely the adjuster is to offer you a settlement amount quickly. They might say their offer is the best they can do for you, which is likely not true at all. Especially regarding injuries which are permanent and require lifelong treatment, the adjusters will work hard to have you settle without thinking about it. It helps to know at least a minimum amount you need to cover your losses so you do not inadvertently accept an amount that will not cover your bills.

Hiring a Palm Beach Attorney for the Injured

Before accepting a settlement, it is often better to consult an attorney for the injured to find out if the offer is fair, or if the insurance company is trying to save money. Lawyers for the injured in Palm Beach are well-versed in working with adjusters and understand how to negotiate even with the most well-trained negotiators. Having an attorney represent you will also make the adjusters take your claim more seriously.

While working with an attorney, they will tell you what type of evidence you need to present to the insurance company to make your case more concrete. This includes photos from the accident and your injuries, medical bills, a statement from your doctor, vehicle repair receipts, other costs related to your injuries, such as time lost from work and any other proof that you are living a lower quality of life, especially if you are facing permanent disabilities.

Justifying the Offer

When an adjuster offers you an amount that you think is below what you should be compensated, ask them to justify the amount. For each item they present, you or your attorney for the injured can then counter those reasons with proof or physical evidence for why you deserve more.

Accepting the Offer

After you and your lawyer are satisfied with the settlement figure, it is best to write a letter formally accepting the offer, including any other details within the agreement. This will help ensure the company does not claim that they did not make the offer later on.

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