For The Injured Palm Beach

For The Injured Palm Beach

For The Injured Palm Beach

When you are injured in an accident, you need a Palm Beach lawyer for the injured to help you with your claim. After being severely injured in an accident that was not your fault, the next steps you take in filing a workers’ compensation claim will determine whether you obtain fair coverage to cover your losses and medical bills or if you will end up in financial ruin while you recover. Insurance companies are out to make a profit, so the goal of their adjusters is to minimize your injuries and reduce your claim as much as possible. Working with a lawyer for the injured in Palm Beach, Florida can make all the difference in how successful your claim is.

Being Offered a Settlement

After starting your claim, you will often get a call from the insurance company adjuster so they can record a statement about the accident, including details of damages and injuries. The more complex the accident, the more likely the adjuster is to offer you a settlement. They might say their offer is the best they can do for you, which is likely not true at all, especially regarding injuries which are permanent and require lifelong treatment. The adjusters will work hard to have you settle quickly.

Hiring a Palm Beach Attorney for the Injured

Before accepting a settlement, consult an attorney for the injured to find out if the offer is fair or if the insurance company is trying to save money. Lawyers for the injured in Palm Beach are well-versed in working with adjusters and understand how to negotiate even with the most well-trained negotiators. Having an attorney represent you will also make the adjusters take your claim more seriously.

While working with an attorney, they will tell you what type of evidence you need to present to the insurance company to make your case more concrete. This includes photos from the accident and your injuries, medical bills, a statement from your doctor, vehicle repair receipts, other costs related to your injuries, such as time lost from work and any other proof that you are living a lower quality of life, especially if you are facing permanent disabilities.

Justifying the Offer

When an adjuster offers you an amount that you think is below what you should be compensated, ask them to justify the amount. For each item they present, you or your attorney for the injured in Palm Beach, Florida can then counter those reasons with proof or physical evidence for why you deserve more.

Accepting the Offer

After you and your lawyer are satisfied with the settlement figure, your lawyer will be able to ensure that you are paid quickly and can move on with your life and concentrate on getting better and getting the care you need outside the workers’ compensation system.

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Personal Injury Claims and Lawsuits

If someone is injured in an accident caused by another party or parties, Florida laws says that victim can pursue financial compensation against that party for any losses they sustain because of their injuries. This includes any medical bills there are to treat the injuries, lost income if the victim is unable to work while their injuries heal, pain and suffering, scarring, and more. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, contact a Palm Beach, FL lawyer for the injured to find out what legal options you may have.

What Is the Difference Between a Personal Injury Lawsuit and a Personal Injury Claim?

Although the law does not require a victim to have a lawyer for the injured help pursue damages, those who do have a much better chance at being successful. A Palm Beach, FL lawyer for the injured will first file a claim with the party who caused the accident’s insurance company that will describe the amount of damages and what those damages are for. For example, if the victim was crossing at a crosswalk and was hit by a vehicle, their lawyer would file the claim with the driver’s automobile insurance company.

When a Palm Beach, FL for the injured lawyer files the claim, the insurance adjuster assigned to the case will investigate the following:

  •       Was the owner of the policy responsible for the accident?
  •       Was the victim injured and were those injuries caused by the accident?
  •       What type of losses, both financial and non-financial, did the victim suffer because of their injuries?
  •       Will the victim suffer any future losses as a result of the injuries?

Once the adjuster investigates the claim, one of several things could happen. They may immediately agree to the claim and the amount the victim is seeking. The company may reject the claim outright. They may accept the claim but disagree with the amount the victim is seeking. However, the insurance company reacts will determine whether or not the two sides will be able to negotiate a settlement or if the parties will end up litigating the claim in court.

If the insurance company offers too low a settlement or denies the claim completely, your car accident attorney will then file a personal injury lawsuit. The court will set a trial date where both parties will present their side to a jury. The jury will then decide if the at-fault party’s actions caused the accident and if they did, then how much the victim should receive for their losses.

What Expenses You Can Claim

One of the most common questions in personal injury lawsuits is what expenses can be claimed. Before you file your lawsuit, it is important to understand the answer to this question. This will ensure that you are compensated for every loss you suffered and none of your claims are rejected. It is a very good idea to work with an attorney who specializes in personal injury cases so you can be confident that everything is being handled properly in the filing process.

Types of Damages

Every claim that you can make will fall into one of two categories. Specifically, your claims will all be one of two types of damages. However, there are three types of damages in court cases, but no claims can be made in the third category. The three types of damages are:

  • General compensatory damages
  • Special compensatory damages
  • Punitive damages

Let’s examine each of these types of damages individually.

Special Compensatory Damages

A lawyer for the injured in Palm Beach knows that the most basic type of claim relates to special compensatory damages. These damages are from financial losses. They will all have an exact dollar value associated with them. For example, a hospital bill of $1,000 would be a special compensatory damage because the value of it is objective. Other claims in this category can include damage to property, missed paychecks, and the purchase of medical equipment or medicine.

General Compensatory Damages

The other kind of claim relates to special compensatory damages. These damages are from non-financial losses. If there is not an exact dollar value associated with them, they will fall into this category. For example, there is no dollar value associated with a painful experience but a court can still order a defendant to compensate a plaintiff for causing pain and suffering. The judge will be the one to determine how much compensation is appropriate. Other claims in this category can include disfigurement, loss of ability, loss of enjoyment of life, and emotional turmoil.

Punitive Damages

It is impossible to make a claim for punitive damages. This is because punitive damages are meant to be a punishment for the defendant, rather than a form of compensation for the plaintiff. The judge will be the one to decide if punitive damages are appropriate and there is nothing you or your attorney can do to affect this decision.

To get a better idea of what you can claim in your own personal injury lawsuit, you should speak with an attorney. Always hire a Palm Beach attorney for the injured as soon as possible.

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