Workers Comp Lawyers Palm Beach

Workers Comp Lawyers Palm Beach

In workers’ compensation, Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) means that an injured worker has reached the highest level of improvement that can be expected for their injury from a medical standpoint. An injured worker may continue to receive palliative care, which will keep the injured worker at their medical “status quo”, but the injured worker will have to pay a $10.00 co-pay at their office visits.

Once placed at MMI, an injured worker’s right to receive indemnity benefits will terminate. Be aware that if you have multiple injuries, or if you have multiple specialists treating one body part, an injured worker may not be at “overall” MMI. It would then be possible for an injured worker to continue receiving indemnity benefits until placed at “whole body” or “statutory” MMI.

Statutory MMI is a limitation to an injured workers’ ability to receive indemnity workers’ compensation benefits. Florida law limits an injured worker to receive up to a maximum of 260 weeks of indemnity benefits. Once the injured worker’s workers’ compensation insurance company has paid out 260 weeks of indemnity checks (regardless of whether they are for Temporary Total or Temporary Partial Disability) the injured worker will have reached “statutory” MMI.

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However, this statutory limit is being contested and a constitutional challenge is currently before the Florida Supreme Court. If the opinion on review is affirmed, the 260 weeks will be replaced with 260 weeks of indemnity benefit entitlement.

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