Why Would a Workers Compensation Claim Be Denied?

Work Injury Lawyer Fort LauderdaleWhen an employee is injured on the job, it is important that the employer is notified right away. A supervisor or manager can take the steps necessary to file an incident report of the accident and make an appointment for that employee to be seen by a doctor if needed. That employee then may be eligible to receive benefits in order to treat the injury. However, the employee is not guaranteed coverage. A workers compensation claim can be denied for a variety of reasons.
There are many factors that are considered before an employee is approved or denied for medical coverage. In the article below, we have answered one of the most common questions that a work injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale may hear.
What are the reasons why my workers compensation claim might not be approved?
  1. The injury did not happen at work.
    In order for an injury to be approved, it must be proven that it happened due to the work environment or while doing a job-related task. This may get complicated if you were not on the work site, but were running an errand for the company or traveling for work when the accident happened.
  2. Your employer was not notified within the required time limit.
    Many employees may feel pressured to not report an accident out of fear that their employer will somehow retaliate or treat them differently. A worker might decide to not inform their boss about the injury until it worsens and requires medical attention. However, there is a certain period of time in which an employee is able to file for workers compensation. By waiting, a worker may be missing out on benefits that he or she was originally rightfully entitled to.
  3. You were under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
    One big reason why a worker may be denied workers compensation benefits is if he or she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the injury. Also, an employee is likely to be rejected coverage if it is found that the injury was self-inflicted.
  4. The injury happened due to arguing with coworkers.
    If the injury occurred as a result of arguing or messing around with coworkers, the claim is unlikely to be approved. If an employee was purposely acting carelessly — even if it happened on company property — it is viewed as misbehavior and may be reason for denial.
  5. Your employer disputed your injury claim.
    Your employer may attempt to dispute your claim, especially if your injury is going to cost the company a significant amount of money. If you feel as though your employer is being neglectful, lying, or otherwise sabotaging your injury claim, it is recommended that you talk with a work injury lawyer immediately. It may come as a disappointing surprise for an employee to hear their employer does not support their injury claim. A legal professional in Fort Lauderdale may help you fight for approval and for a fair amount of benefits required for proper treatment of injuries.
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Work Injury Lawyer Fort Lauderdale
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